The guy behind Yonder


Chris Thomas


If you broke Chris down, he would be
40% Creative, 40% Strategic, & 20% BBQ 🍖.

Yonder Agency practically exploded out of Chris in 2019. He leveraged 20+ years of marketing experience to build it.

But here's the kicker, Chris isn't your average marketing agency founder. He's a former Global Head of Product Development and marketing for a Fortune 100 powerhouse. He's been in your shoes, hiring agencies and expecting ROI. He knows the drill.

After leaving the corporate world, Chris noticed a gap. Many companies were still sticking to outdated marketing strategies, and it was time for a change. Why not give those companies the same approach the big boys use.

Put it this way, imagine if you combined Don Draper of Mad Men & Tommy from Tommy Boy you would get Chris. Lots of fun, but unstoppable in a room casting a marketing vision, just give him the room and he will show ya.