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They say, "ya can't teach old dogs new tricks." 

LOL, try teaching old businesses new tricks. Heck, try teaching a startup new tricks. Good luck with the “ever-changing digital marketing landscape” - that thing middle managers keep moaning about.

Landscape? Try hellscape. Feels more like a wave pool without my Power Ranger floaties.

But they’re not wrong. It’s just changing too fast.

And yet, everybody still advertises online - and it seems like a buncha flailing around, making noise, and…guessing. 

A few know how to get traffic and make the sale. You can count ‘em on one hand. 

Why should you give a rat’s?

Here's the deal: Most people think you need a marketing army and Jeff Bezos’ yacht budget to make a dent. But it just ain't true. 

Clever marketing with a $5,000 budget beats the tar out of spray-and-pray marketing with a $3M budget every single time. I repeat - every single time.

So why are we here?

Information-hoarders are lame

Some agencies won't share intel (AKA help you). They're afraid of idea stealers and ne’er-do-wells. Fair enough, but we take a different approach.

It’s counterintuitive - being generous with whatcha got is not only a good way to live, it’s a good way to do business. Some folks even call it “inbound” (wink). 

That’s what you’ll find all over this blog. Helpful information. Use it how you see fit. Call us if you need help. And in the meantime, get to know us. 

This blog is your opportunity. We report, you judge. Praise or criticize as you see fit. We have a pretty cool style but aim for big substance to match.

This is a trust thing. It’s hard to earn, harder to keep. We’re all about education, guidance, and insights - for ourselves and for you. Remember the wave pool? We’re in it, too. 

So, instead of giving you a "Your life is about to get better" kind of headline, we're bringing you, "Your barbecue won’t taste the same ever again."

So what’s for dinner?

Yonder Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency. You need customers, we help them find you. 

We especially like reanimating the forgotten initiatives of yesteryear:

  • Websites that work…but are hideous 
  • Foxy websites…with no decipherable purpose
  • Brilliant branding from 2005...but cringey today
  • #1 Ranked SEO at Christmas…forgotten by Google today
  • Technically accurate content…written by that robot thing from Lost in Space

Interested? We’re here and we listen. 

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